About Rachel

Rachel Thyre Vogeltanz

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity, every day, to help good people overcome financial difficulty and get a fresh start. Whether you’re here for a consultation or you’ve hired me to represent you, you’ll communicate with me, the attorney, not a staff member. I’ll explain things so that you’re informed and understand each step of the process. In addition to bankruptcy, I also assist clients with resolving student loans, taxes, and other debt outside of the bankruptcy process. I’ve been a bankruptcy lawyer in both California and Louisiana since 2009. I am happy to be back in my hometown of Covington since 2010.

“What I love about being a bankruptcy lawyer is that I have the opportunity to provide peace of mind to people who are experiencing financial stress. When someone arrives at my office feeling hopeless, and leaves with a sense of relief and knowing they have options, it makes my job worthwhile.” – Rachel Thyre Vogeltanz


Consumer bankruptcy specialist